How to Be a Great Board Member

A good board member provides expertise, energy and enthusiasm to the board. They are aware of their responsibilities, and are able to determine the direction of the organization to achieve its goals in business and fulfill legal obligations. They know the company’s culture, missions, operations, and values. They are also familiar with the roles and responsibilities of the board as well as the rules of good governance.

It’s essential that a successful board member is willing to question and challenge major decisions. This is usually done by asking questions or challenges that are designed to help the CEO identify problems they may not have noticed or look further into the future than the CEO would, or encourage a new perspective. A good board member can perform this in a professional manner, without appearing offensive or threatening.

Great boards are filled with board members who are committed to the cause of the organization and inspire others. They also communicate well and take decisions quickly. A good board member must also be prepared for meetings on the board as well as other events. It is important to arrive at the meeting prepared with the agenda, all documents of the committee and board reports.

The ability to be a good board member is as much about attitude as it is about background, experience or education. The most effective board members always consider how their actions will benefit the association and other board members. They do not make personalization a factor in debates and they are able to work towards resolving conflicts, and are able to offer solutions that can bring opposing sides together.


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